Tremor – Shaking hands: Symptoms and causes

It is predictable that everyone has seen a person in his/ her life whose hands shake. This is called tremor medically.The tremor is an involuntary and rhythmic contractions in any part of the  muscles in body. The tremor often appears on hands. It can be seen in healthy people and it is not noticed unless it  becomes clear. Some situations such as stress, dark tea and coffee, hunger, fatigue, irritation can make tremor noticeable.
Tremor is usually a sign of disorders of central nervous system.
Especially, Parkinson disease is major cause of tremor. At earlier time of Parkinson disease, tremor starts at one of hands like “counting money” motion.
It is a rough and slow tremble  which appears when hand stay without motion. At the beginning of the disease, tremor disappears with moving. In the following periods, tremor becomes more intense and can be seen in another hand and other parts of the body as well. A trembling hand can be a side effect of a medicine. Tremor may occur in healthy people or in people who has neurological diseases or systemic diseases. (eg goitre, diabetes etc.) Other causes of tremor, which are associated central nervous system, are multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebellum and progressive brain diseases that cause brain destruction. In addition, there may be tremors in the hands in some spinal diseases and other diseases that damage the nerve fibers dispersed in the body.
Tremor also may occur becuse of stress. In this case, people who have more vigorous tremor after stres are given drugs that they will use at certain times.

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