Quit smoking in 4 steps!

Lets admit it is not easy to quit smoking. Additionally, smoking cessation is not concerned with willpower. Even if a person quits the smoking  with willpower, he/she will want to smoke again at the rest of his/her life. And he/she will probably smoke again. Apply theese 4 steps to quit smoking successfully.

1. Understand deception.

 If you want to leave the cigarette permanently, you should be aware that our brain is deceiving itself about smoking. It is this deception that makes it hard to get rid of nicotine addiction. What does that mean? Let me explain.
Smokers think that they become unhappy when they do not smoke and smoking increases their happiness level. In fact this is a complete misconception. Lets show mechanism of this misconception by some images.

quit smoking

Suppose that a smoker have not been smoking for a few hours. And his/her happiness level has fallen to 70s. Then he/she smoked a cigarette and the level of happiness rose to 80. He thinks that cigarette made him happy. But this rise in the level of happiness is deceptive. He/she do not know that happiness level of non-smoker is between 95 and 100. So in fact, the reason of falling down of happiness level to 70s is  smoking. It would be difficult for you to quit smoking if you do not understand this misconception.

2. Find your reasons.

The second step will be to find the reasons for

leaving the cigarette

. Why should you quit smoking? Everyone can have different causes. For example:

a. You do not want to get cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.

b. You do not want to expose your family and friends to secondhand smoking.

c. You do not want to spend your money for cigarette.

d. Let me tell you one of the most horrible one: You do not want to get sick with a Buerger’s disease which causes gangrene of your foot.

e. Or you just want to breathe a sigh of relief.

Did you choose your reasons? Then let talk about third step.

3. Prepare for “cold turkey”

 You will need to prepare before going “cold turkey”.

-Do not try to quit smoking with reducing it. Stop smoking permanently when you are ready.
-Talk about your decision with people  close to you . This will increase your responsibility.
-Consider getting specialist support. I am sure your doctor will give you information that can help you, such as quit-smoking classes and applications, medication, counseling and hypnosis.

4. Stay tobacco-free

In the first days you will have to overcome the crises of lack of nicotine.
-You can use nicotine-containing plasters, nicotine gums to make your job easier.
-When crises start, drink plenty of water.
-Be careful not to be hungry. Because it triggers the start of crises.
-Do not drink alcohol during these days. Because when you consume alcohol, your can loose self-control and you might start smoking again.
-Your muscles will be stretched because you do not smoke. It will be very good to have a massage for it.
-Jogging and doing exercise will make it easy for you to forget smoking.
 The duration and number of crises will decrease as days go by.

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