Doing exercise regularly provides longer lifetime!

I am sure you know somebody who seems younger than his/her age. It means if you have 40 years old,  your biological age of cells may  be 35 or 45 . So how we can save our cells younger? There are many factors effecting our biological age. Theese factors make lifetime longer or shorter by effecting the length of telomers. Telomers are part of chromosomes which don’t encode any genetic code. In every cell replication specified part of telomer breake down and telomer becomes smaller. If we can increase length of telomers, then our cells will live longer. One of its way is doing exercises regularly. This was proven by professor of exercise science- Larry Tucker. He and his team observed more than 5800 people during the study.  At the end they concluded that people who do exercises strenously, have longer telomers than others. Larry Tucker said that little physical activity doesn’t effect on telomers. To have longer telomers, it needs physical activity 30minutes for women and 40minutes for men, five days of a week. This research will be published on the Preventive Medicine journal soon. We know that the benefits of exercises isn’t limited  with longer lifetime. So lets do exercise everyday for being healthy, energetic and happy 🙂

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