Buerger’s disease: symptoms, causes and treatment

Buerger’s disease, (tromboangiitis obliterans) which is only caught by smokers, can cause blockages in arteries, often in the legs and sometimes in the arms. It is very common disease and if it is not treated, it can cause gangrene of leg and  threatening life.

Buerger's disease

After men, Buerger’disease started to be common in women too.

Cancer, lung and heart diseases can also be seen in people who do not smoke  but Buerger’s disease is only seen in smokers and passive smokers who exposed to intense cigarette smoke. The vast majority of people with Buerger’s disease are men aged 30 to 50 years who are addicted to smoking. It has been determined that by recent research, Buerger’s disease has begun to be seen in women.

Buergers disease may cause nonhealing ulcers.

Buerger’s disease usually occurs in the arteries of the feet, and more rarely in the arteries of hands and arms. The blood flow to the fingers decreases when the arteries are blocked. Pain occurs while walking. When the disease progresses, it causes pain in the fingers, long-term non-healing wounds and gangrene. If it not treated, gangrene can lead to surgical cutting of fingers and feet (amputations). Amputations become compulsory in the 25% of patients.

Symptoms of Buerger’s disease screw up daily life.

By walking pain starts on the soles of the feet and leg muscles. This pain is like in other vascular occlusions. When you walk it starts, and when  you have a rest it stops. It is very difficult to walk fast and go uphill.

The foot and fingers become cold.

There may be numbness on the feet and fingers.

When the disease progresses, wounds may occur on the toes and heels.

Gangrene evolves in the fingers. Fingers and sometimes feet may need to be cut.

The most effective treatment is to quit smoking.

Buerger’s disease usually stops progression when smoking is stopped. After this, the worsening of the disease is unlikely. More important than treatment is that the patient can quit smoking. However, blocked vessels can not be opened spontaneously or with any medication. The biggest problem in Buerger’s disease is occlusion of the arteries. All complaints depend on it.  Because of that, the precise treatment is to prevent these vessels from clogging. Rarely, surgery or angiography – balloon dilatation methods can be used to  get achievement . However, every patient must quit smoking. Otherwise, the vessels obstuction  recurs.


In order not to get caught in Buerger’s disease …

It is very important to increase the social sensitivity.  Cooling, itching, numbness in hands  and feet can be the first sign of Buerger’s disease in a person who smokes. Getting rid of smoking and passive smoking is the most important step in preventing this disease.

Buerger’s disease images

To show you how terrible disease Buerger’s disease is, I added some Buerger’s disease images.

Buerger's disease images
Buerger's disease images


Buerger's disease images


Buerger's disease images

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